Our Story

Since Alignvest Management Corporation was founded in 2011, we have spent over a decade founding and building companies, investing alongside entrepreneurs, advising them, and inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs.

Our team is unique. We are a small, highly capable group of entrepreneurs and investors who have worked together for many years creating value as entrepreneurs or working alongside them: 

  • We have founded and built eight businesses from inception that in aggregate have sold for in excess of $8 billion of value, we have invested in and partnered with numerous entrepreneur-led companies and created significant value, we have worked closely with entrepreneurs in an advisory capacity to maximize the value of their companies under a variety of conditions, and we have inspired and educated entrepreneurs through our work with organizations like Next Canada, Harvard Business School, University of Toronto and Creative Destruction Lab.
  • The way in which we partner and invest with entrepreneurs is highly differentiated. Our capital is entirely our own. It is permanent in nature and better suited to invest alongside entrepreneurs than the capital from typical private investment firms. Today, Alignvest has in excess of $150 million of permanent capital, the vast majority of which is owned by the firm’s partners. Additionally, we often raise third-party capital from select value-added ultra high net worth and institutional investors. In combination with our own capital, we have raised and invested over $1.5 billion in a concentrated group of businesses.
  • We take a truly long-term outlook, affording management teams the opportunity to realize operational initiatives. We can create bespoke financing solutions for highly complex, atypical situations. We can avoid the pressure of selling good businesses at inopportune times. And we can raise capital alongside our own that shares our vision for the business.
  • We love what we do: building businesses and investing, advising, and inspiring exceptional entrepreneurs to create industry leading transformative companies.

Our Principals

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