May 29, 2017
The Globe and Mail

SPAC sector springs to life behind Alignvest IPO

A record-setting $515-million debut for the second special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) from Alignvest Management Corp. is expected

May 19, 2017
Financial Post

Alignvest Acquisition II shows there is life in the SPAC market, closes $350 million IPO with more to come

The issuer, which is sponsored by the same people who unveiled the original SPAC, Alignvest Acquisition Corp., has priced its initial public ...

May 8, 2017
Financial Post

Alignvest Acquisition II: a new SPAC, but with a twist

On Monday, the marketing process for Alignvest Acquisition II Corp. started. Alignvest II is from the same stable as the original Alignvest SPAC, ...

May 5, 2017
The Globe and Mail

Alignvest launches $250-million IPO for new SPAC

Alignvest Management Corp., the Toronto-based operator of a special-purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, that successfully took over a ...

November 23, 2016
The Globe and Mail

Alignvest’s deal could be blueprint for Canadian SPACs

They call themselves the SPAC mafia. They are an unofficial but influential group of investors who make or break any deal proposed by a special-purpose acquisition corporation, or SPAC. And this hard-to-please group has found a deal they like in Alignvest Acquisition Corp.'s bid for a U.S. wireless company, one of three Canadian SPACs currently seeking shareholder approval for a takeover.

November 1, 2016
The Globe and Mail

Telecom company Trilogy coming to Canada in Alignvest deal

Telecom company Trilogy International Partners LLC, which runs wireless networks in New Zealand and Bolivia, plans to go public in Canada by agreeing to a takeover offer from Toronto-based Alignvest Acquisition Corp.

February 14, 2014
Financial Post

How two Next 36 co-founders are aiming to upend Bay Street with Alignvest Capital

By identifying the most promising financial niches and raiding established firms for the top talent, Alignvest aims to prove that pay-for-performance and entrepreneurial innovation can both win big.

January 8, 2014
Financial Post

CPP Investment Board loses member of senior management team

Donald Raymond, a member of the senior management team of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, is leaving in March to join Alignvest Management Corp.

January 8, 2014
GLobe and Mail

Upstart firm snags CPPIB’s chief strategist

Executive will be leaving CPPIB for a new firm that is barely three years old.

January 8, 2014
Benefits Canada

Raymond leaving CPPIB

Donald Raymond plans to leave the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and join Alignvest Management Corp.

January 8, 2014

Raymond Leaves Canada Pension for Alignvest

Donald Raymond, chief investment strategist at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, is leaving the pension fund to join Alignvest Management Corp., a new Toronto-based money manager.