Who We Are

Alignment, Redefined

Alignvest was created with the founding principle of increasing alignment between asset managers and their clients.

Alignvest’s clients include leading pension plans, foundations and ultra-high net worth family offices. Alignvest’s founding partners have committed to invest over $230 million of their personal capital into funds managed by Alignvest on a fully discretionary basis, with the capital subject to an investment period to 2024 and subject to full recyclability (including all gains) over the investment period. We believe this long term, discretionary and aligned pool of capital provides the firm with a strong and differentiated foundation.

A significant portion of the partners’ capital is contributed to each investment resulting in direct and explicit alignment between the firm and its clients.

Alignvest seeks to recruit and partner only with best in class investors. Our portfolio managers and investment partners are seasoned investment professionals with proven success investing large sums of capital in markets that offer disproportionately attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Alignvest currently offers four investment platforms: Alignvest Private Capital, Alignvest Acquisition Corporation and Alignvest Student Housing, for its private market strategies and Alignvest Investment Management, which provides institutional quality, total portfolio management capabilities to asset owners..

What We Do

We Build Businesses

Alignvest partners with best in class managers across a variety of private and public market investment strategies.

Alignvest looks for five key characteristics when making investment decisions:

Exceptional Risk Adjusted Returns

  • First screen: “Would Alignvest partners make the investment with their own capital?”
  • Differentiated product that offers investors access to strong risk-adjusted returns, with fee structures that match the source of returns
  • Focus on LP returns; GP returns a by-product. Structure fosters investor alignment

Market Discontinuity

  • Market discontinuities are caused by rapid growth or change that challenges resources and incumbent systems, including: regulatory changes, structural shifts in demographics, geographies, economies, and technology
  • Alignvest uses creativity and in-depth analysis to identify opportunities

World Class Talent

  • Alignvest’s partners have proven track records bringing a breadth of complementary talent and expertise to the firm
  • “A” talent attracts “A” talent – each hire is screened on whether they are first-class talent and able to be a valuable contributor

Ability to Leverage Alignvest Expertise

  • Can Alignvest create outsized value through its ownership and involvement?
  • Relevant business-building expertise to launch and support growth
  • Unique capital base and access to shared resources best position an investment to succeed


  • Understand the difference between an investment and a trade. Prioritize platforms that have the ability to leverage the team and infrastructure to meaningfully expand
  • Relevant business-building expertise to launch and support growth
  • Will take advantage of opportunities that have attractive risk-adjusted returns as a result of a lack of capital or expertise